Minimalism in Action

It’s been a little quiet on this blog because I’ve been writing vigorously on a temporary blog called Mission:Kenya. Yes, it’s finally time to put my Not Your Average Minimalist into action. In 3wks I’m heading out to Kenya for 1 month. There, I’ll be using the skills God has forged me with to minister to churches, orphanages, and whole villages.

My main objective is to take my medical skills and teach villagers basic things like CPR and first-aid since there aren’t any hospitals that they have immediate access to. I’ll also be working with a midwife and supposedly help deliver a lot of babies. How many people am I going to be working with? The numbers we’ve been told are going to be up in the 5000-6000 people range.

I’ll be taking a small amount things with me that should all fit into my Osprey Aether 70pack. More info about my trip and the planning stages will be coming. For now, you can visit my blog specifically set up for the trip.

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