Rituals & Routines

R&Rs are beautiful and sacred. It may feel forced at first, but we all have rituals and routines in our daily lives. Some healthy and some, if not most, unhealthy. 

We’re choosing to be intentional about our R&Rs. Doing things that are life giving, and stopping things that are deteriorating our mind, body and soul. 

The three most critical R&Rs segments are the morning, evening and family operating code. 

What do you do in the 1-2hr when you wake up and before you go to bed?

Then you have your ideal day. Eating dinner together, hiking once a month, going to church, movie night, etc. There’s a lot that you can flex here. You can sketch out what an ideal weekday vs ideal weekend looks like.

Morning Routine Examples

  • Visualize your day
  • Shower together
  • Sauna
  • Journal
  • Cold showers
  • HIIT
  • Walk 
  • Yoga
  • Answer questions that I’ve written down
  • Cold shower
  • Drink water before coffee
  • Stretch
  • Meditation
  • Read book
  • Drink glass of water first thing 
  • Drink decaf or wait 60-90min to drink regular
  • Review upcoming to-dos and calendar for the day

Evening Routine Examples

  • Buddy read
  • Bath together
  • Puzzle
  • Fireplace
  • Sabbath on Sat night
  • Spanish with kids
  • Best self deck of cards
  • The Secret book

Weekday Rituals

  • Working out / running
  • Studying our Bibles
  • Attending Church
  • Meals with family
  • Meaningful Work 
  • Time for hobbies
  • Time for reading
  • Coffee shop dates
  • Long walk and talks

Weekend Rituals

  • Visiting Family
  • Hiking / Biking / Frisbee 
  • Working on our building
  • Church