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The LSF model is intended to bring more clarity to your life, help you achieve your goals, and live a more fulfilled and intentional life. 

It does this in two ways. 

First, it creates a framework to help you identify the core areas of your life, and set your visions and goals. 

Second, through various rhythms performed on either annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily frequencies, it ensures that you’re keeping your visions top of mind and recalibrating as needed. 

By having these areas of your life set out and constantly evaluated, it brings a massive amount of clarity and peace. Because now when you wake up everyday, you know what your priorities are and you have an objective tool to measure whether you are on or off track each day. 

Great things are accomplished by taking little steps. And this model helps you reverse engineer your biggest dreams into daily actionable steps that will produce results. 

1. Healthy Life Habits

The checklist breaks up the core areas, and outlines essential elements that should be evident in every person’s lives. 

Some of these things may take multiple years to achieve for some, and that’s ok. The journey is what’s important. Making sure we have our gaze set on the right things, and that each day we are doing the right kind of work. 

Healthy Life Habits

2. Purpose, Values & Themes

You can’t get very far without identifying your core purpose and values which you will hold up all your visions against to see if they align. 

Everyone intrinsically already has core purposes and values, but not everyone can articulate what they are or is living by them. That’s why we’ve created the below exercises. 

Core Purpose

Core Values

Decision Making Values

An annual theme is based on your core purpose and values. We go through different seasons of life, and therefore we may want to label our year and goals with a particular theme that highlights the season we’re in and acts as a guidepost. 

Annual Theme

3. Wheel Of Life

The wheel of life are the core areas of our life that apply to every person on earth. 

It’s called a wheel because it’s cyclical. Your personal self is the hub of this wheel. All the areas are spokes. 

The positive or negative condition of one spoke affects the hub which in turn affects the other spokes in the wheel. 

That’s why it’s important that we constantly evaluate and keep each area of our life healthy. 

Wheel Of Life

4. Rhythms

Rhythms are structured but ironically bring freedom. It may seem contradictory or unnatural. However, this is where the magic happens. 

It’s the safety net we fall on to make sure our lives are going according to plan. 

Daily Rhythms

Weekly Rhythms

Monthly Rhythms

Quarterly Rhythms

Annual Rhythms

5. Rituals & Routines

R&Rs are beautiful and sacred. It may feel forced at first, but we all have rituals and routines in our daily lives. Some healthy and some, if not most, unhealthy. 

We’re choosing to be intentional about our R&Rs. Doing things that are life giving, and stopping things that are deteriorating our mind, body and soul. 

The three most critical R&Rs segments are the morning, evening and family operating code. 

What do you do in the 1-2hr when you wake up and before you go to bed?

And what is your family’s operating code such as eating dinner together, hiking once a month, going to church, movie night, etc. 

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6. Additional Resources

Fair Play

Fair Play is important in a marriage. So often all the little things we do in life get normalized and we don’t realize how hard we’re grinding. 

Often times one spouse or another is pulling a heavier load than the other. To be clear, things need to be fair, not equal. 

This exercise allows a couple to identify all the things they do to make their family operate that they may not even realize they’re doing (or not doing), and distribute the workload fairly. 

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Time Management

Effective people who want freedom and to achieve their goals need to find time for it. This is a series of best practices for gaining back more time in your life. 

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Peace comes when you have clarity about your life, and when you’re prepared for what life might throw your way. 

Personal safety is the number one most important thing to every human being. When you have measures in place to ensure your safety and survival, you will find more peace that you may not have even realized you were lacking. 

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