Wheel Of Life

The wheel of life is a tool you’ll use in your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual planning/evaluations.


  • Gauge these based on your core values and purpose.
  • Rate each area on a scale from 1-10.
  • Write down what’s going well and what could be improved.

Areas Of Life

  • Self
    • Wealth (budget, savings, net worth)
    • Faith (morals/ethics, stewardship, ministry, accountability, meditation)
    • Health (lifestyle/health habits, nutrition, exercise, stress, mental health)
    • Fun (events, hobbies, entertainment, relaxation, me-time, social life)
    • Foundation (skills, time management, education)
  • Relationships (family and close friends)
    • Marriage
      • Sex – good, bad, different, not enough, try different things
      • Challenges – anything we need to talk about with us, ways we’ve hurt each other, issues we are seeing, things that we’ve noticed.
      • Communication – do you feel like you know what’s going on in each other’s lives and how each other are feeling.
    • Children
      • Season of life – consider ages, what needs to transition
      • Temperament – have you shown patience, love and an attitude to teach, or frustration and selfishness.
    • Friends – have you touch base, hung out, encouraged.
  • Home (culture and environment)
  • Local communities and culture (work, gym, neighborhood, church)
  • Societal (economy, political, religion)
  • Global/collective (wars, pandemics, climate crisis)