The #1 Tip for Becoming Rich

To “live free” through simplicity implies many things including financial freedom.  It doesn’t come without discipline, but it’s worthwhile.  This is accomplished through use of certain vocabulary. “No” – we’re hard wired to think when there’s buy 1 get 1 free, we’re getting a deal when actually, you’re still spending money “Not now” – legitimate needs aren’t […]

How to Prepare for Minimalist Travel

I’m here in Florida spending some time on the beach with my siblings.  We’re having a great time, and it’s been a great opportunity to implement minimalist travel. A couple principles to keep in mind. Don’t bring Justin Case (my flip-flops ended up breaking but I was able to borrow a friend’s, no worries) Be efficient in what and how you […]

A Lesson From “Forest Gump”

I watched Forest Gump (all time favorite) this past weekend.  Not exactly about minimalism, but here’s some lessons I think every person should consider. Integrity is above all else Kindness generates loyalty Your passion for something is what inspires the most (so don’t try to inspire, just LIVE) Never moving up the ladder and enjoying […]

How to Help Others Make Minimalist-Friendly Choices

We can’t twist people’s arms to become minimalists, but we can help them make minimalist-friendly choices.  Here’s some examples: Offer to carpool.  It saves gas, it’s green, and it’s a chance to build a friendship (and possibly have some minimalist influence) Recycle your stuff.  Give your stuff to friends who are looking to get what […]