2020 Highlights

2020 was characterized by many as a terrible year. For some, it legitimately was, but I think for the great majority, they just jumped on the band wagon of complaining about 2020 when in reality it was a good year with some challenges along the year.

From my perspective, 2020 was possibly my favorite year since 2010. It was full of adventure and personal growth. Here are my highlights.

  • Started January 1st with Nicolas less than 1 month old getting RSV, being taken by ambulance, and hospitalized for 5 days.
  • Had a military contract that took me to South Korea, and I got to spend a few extra days site seeing.
  • The business was one of the first to receive accreditation as an AHA BLS Training Centers in over a decade.
  • Deployed to San Diego for COVID for two weeks.
  • Deployed to NYC for COVID for 4 weeks. I went as an entry level worker, and rose to a leadership position over 6,000 people.
  • My wife built a fence which extended our backyard and we turned it into a kid’s playland. Our kids now spend a considerable amount of more time outside.
  • The time away on deployment fundamentally changed my view of our marriage, and my relationship with Lynne went to a new level.
  • We shut down our Atlanta office in May which took a huge burden off our business.
  • We bought our 3rd house across the street from us, did a minor remodel and rented it out within a month.
  • Aletheia burned the top of her thigh causing third degree burns resulting in a trip to the ER and the burn center in Nashville.
  • We went on our annual Mexico trip. Only this time we upgraded to a condo room, and we got very special treatment because there were hardly any other guests and maybe 2-3 other groups with children.
  • I hired a full-time admin for the business which changed my role in the company, and I only wear 1 hat now instead of 5.
  • I acquired another CPR business in Memphis that expanded our footprint and doubled our revenue.
  • We received our accreditation to be an AHA ACLS/PALS Training Center in October. Something even more rare than getting our BLS Training Center status.
  • Went to Chicago for a family reunion. Our kids first time in a big city.
  • I read a book called Profit First which revolutionized our finances. I haven’t read a book more profound since 2013.
  • Made Knoxville’s 40 Under 40 list.
  • Nicolas started walking in November and sleeping through the night which is giving Lynne and I a huge sense of more freedom and flexibility.

Bring on 2021!!!

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