you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s over.

I heard it said once that you should attend at least one funeral and one wedding each year to keep life in perspective. I’ve had more than my fair share of weddings since then but it wasn’t until this evening that I went to a funeral for the first time in over a decade.

There was connection with someone special from my childhood that drew me to a seat in the pew. With tears welling in my eyes, I was thrust back into memories that most days are so far away that they seem as only a dream.

Today is a sad day. I’m reminded of the brevity of life and good old days that you can’t get back or recreate. I reflect on two things. One is a sobering quote from the TV show, The Office. It was said,

I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you left them……Someone should write a song about that.

Well they did and here it is. “Good Old Days” by Macklemore (ft. Kesha)

Today is a day to reflect and be reminded. Tomorrow I will take these thoughts and commit once more to a life with no reserves, no retreats, and no regrets. I’ve loved my life and lived it well, but the older I get, the more ‘good old days’ I have behind me.

I think being content in the moment is one level, but harnessing the nostalgia while it is still the present is the next level. I think we’ve all found ourselves in those out-of-body experiences at some point in life. I want more of them.

Life is what you make it to be, and I choose to live extraordinarily. YOLO

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