Annual Rhythm

“We don’t go running away from our values, we go drifting away. And one day we wake up in a place we never meant to be, drifting in a direction we never would have chosen.” 

-John Blumberg

Pre Retreat Work:

  • If this is the first annual retreat, complete the Character Values exercise.
  • Reevaluate your 10yr, 5yr, 3yr vision.
    • Visualize how old you and those in your family will be. What does life look like?
    • You should have at least one vision in each of the core areas from the wheel of life. 

Retreat Outline:

  1. Reflection & Discussion
    • Score yourself on the Wheel Of Life
      • What area are you doing well in?
      • What areas do you want to improve in?
    • Personal Highs.
      • What are the most life-giving things in my life?
      • What’s working really well in my life right now?
    • Personal Lows.
      • In what areas of my life do I feel insecure/afraid?
      • What are the biggest distractions/drains in my life?
      • What are the areas of my life where I feel the most unrest/anxiety?
    • How much peace am I experiencing in my life right now? 1-10
    • How has your 10 year vision changed?
  2. Life Priorities & Vision
    • Discuss Life Priorities & Vision Life Priorities
      • Ask ‘why?’ Why are you doing this? Why do you want that? What are you actually trying to get?
  3. Purpose & Core Values
    • Discuss how you would score yourself on values Character Values
    • Reflect on values and update if needed.
  4. Review Fair Play cards Fair Play Responsibilities
    • Discuss how it’s going
    • Reassign Responsibilities if needed
    • Redefine minimum standard of care of descriptions if needed. 
  5. Annual Personal Initiatives
    • Reflect on accomplished initiatives
    • Discuss any initiatives that need to be carried over
    • Outline/Review new Initiatives
    • Share Initiatives w/ each other
    • Update Priorities in Align
  6. Annual Family Initiatives
    • Reflect on accomplished initiatives 
    • Discuss any initiatives that need to be carried over
    • Outline/Review new  Initiatives
    • Update Initiatives and Priorities in Align.
  7. Quarterly Family/Personal Priorities
    • Reflect on accomplished priorities 
    • Discuss any priorities that need to be carried over
    • Outline/Review Initiatives.
      • Priorities are broken into 2 categories: Being and Doing. You should have at least one priority centered around each.
      • Set no more than 3 family priorities
      • Set 1-3 personal priorities
    • Update Initiatives and Priorities in Align.
  8. Rituals & Routines
    • Are there any bad habits that need to stop/change? 
    • Are there new habits you’d like to start?
    • What does an ideal morning, evening, weekday, and weekend look like.
  9. Huddle
    • Discuss Huddles 
    • Decide to implement daily, weekly, or monthly formats
    • Establish time and agenda
  10. Calendar Discussions
    • Set date for next quarterly meeting
    • Discuss Upcoming Plans, Trips, or Schedules
      • What vacation is planned?
      • What family trips are planned?
      • What personal trips are planned?
      • Are any trips planned with individual kids?
      • Reflect: Do we have enough trips planned? Do we have too many trips planned? Is there room for flexibility? 
      • Where would we like to spend holidays?
        • Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years