How To Be an Influential Minimalist

As minimalists, we’re passionate about why we do what we do.  It’s only natural that we want to see others incorporate some of our best practices.  Sometimes, though, that passion can come across as a bit over zealous.  But, if you don’t want others to become minimalist, here’s exactly what you should do.

Always talk about minimalism.  Every conversation you get into, make sure to always bring up minimalism, and what you’ve been doing to become more minimalistic.  Post 5 status updates a day on Facebook to let everyone follow your every footstep on your journey.  Overall, let it become an obsession that consume your thoughts, actions, and speech.

Break out the statistics.  If you really want to discourage people from living simply, always keep them up to date on how your blog stats and subscription numbers are doing.  Text your friends, letting them know you just got a whopping 5 more subscribers.  Ask people to refer you on Twitter so you can get more followers.  Oh, and don’t forget to remind your friends to read your new article and comment on it.

Spam websites and inboxes.  We all know how much people hate spam, so send out those mass emails.  Find all the websites out there on minimalism and even the ones that are somewhat remotely related to something about minimalism.  Post those shallow, unhelpful comments all over the web. That’ll surely do the trick.

Tell others how much they need to change the way they’re living.  Whenever you see those cars that are cluttered with trashthe closet full of clothes that could clothe 5 people; the desk spread with papers and all those useless gadgets; the person who pulls out their credit card 5x a day to pay for those non-essentials; all those types of people and more, confront them and let them know that they’re really not truly happy.  Tell them how they’re enslaved to materialism and that they need to become more minimal.  Oh, and volunteer to throw out all their stuff for them.

Spend time on the clock building your online social influence.  There’s nothing that says lack of integrity more than when you spend all your time at work on Twitter, Facebook, and your blog.  Your coworkers and bosses will see a direct correlation to your lack of work ethic and your minimalist lifestyle.  You’ll be looked down upon in no time, and you can bet people at work will steer clear of minimalism.

Make minimalism your priority and neglect friends and family.  You’re passionate about what you do and it’s important to you.  So, focus all your attention on minimalism, don’t answer your phone when friends call, don’t do those simple things like going on a walk with the family because you’re too busy trying to live simply.  When you end up spending time with those people, make sure the conversation is centered on you and your minimalistic lifestyle.

Hope that’s been helpful, let me know how it goes for you.  If you’re one of those people who actually wants to influence people….am I not right?

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