how to live life and be a christian too

You can’t!

There’s no dichotomy. There is no room for liv­ing life and try­ing to fit Chris­tian­ity into it. Chris­tian­ity demands every­thing and is the whole of your life. It was never promised to be fun or easy. It is a road of many sac­ri­fices. There is a cost, but the eter­nal rewards far out­weigh the tem­po­ral ful­fill­ment that this life offers.

…that’s what I keep try­ing to remind myself of any­way. It’s hard to find ful­fill­ment in Christ rather than the idea of Christ. The lat­ter leaves us dis­ap­pointed and search­ing elsewhere.

In the words of a dear friend tonight, he says, “I’m not say­ing you can’t have fun. I’m say­ing fun isn’t a bib­li­cal con­cept. What is a bib­li­cal con­cept is life and death.”

That’s heavy. That’s truth. That’s reality.

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