The Rule of 3s

I’m really excited about this post.  The Rule of 3s is one of those life changing philosophies for me.  I’ve been mulling over it for over 30 days which is significant as you’ll come to find out.

I’ve been trying to figure out a general rule of thumb to live my life out by.  Through trial and error I’ve come to find out that my life areas work best in groups of 3.


There are certain numbers in the Bible that are considered special. They are: 3, 7, and 40. The number 3 denotes “divine perfection.” Examples of the number 3 are: Christ was buried and rose in 3 days; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and there’s a lot more.

How it’s applied.

How ironic is it that 3 denotes perfection and we’re looking for the perfect balance in our lives.  So, this is how it all comes together.

1. I use “3″ to define tasks in my life. For example, I’m an EMT, student, and intern in my church. My hobbies consist of swimming, blogging, and wakeboarding. I keep my to-do list to 3 things.

2. Making decisions. 3 days, 30 days, or 3 months. Depending on what kind of decision needs to be made will determine how long to wait but it’s pretty self explanatory. When asked to take on a new responsibility, wait 3 days. When deciding to purchase something, wait 30 days. When making a big/life changing decision (ie getting in a relationship, moving out, etc), wait 3 months.

3. Exceptions. Some decisions have to be made split second, but those are few and far between (like 1 in 100). I’m not saying don’t do anything more than 3 things.  I can volunteer at the soup kitchen or go running with a friend, but it’s not part of my regular routine.

My experience.

July and August were absolutely miserable months for me. I had overcommitted to numerous things and made some rash decisions.  There was nothing I could do about it once it was set in motion but wait for it to be over.  Now it’s September and my life has resumed to it’s normal pace.  All because I’ve incorporated the rule of 3.

Keeping things simple and staying focused on only a few things makes a huge difference. Try it for yourself and see how far you can group your life into 3s.

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