Friends, Travel, Retail, and Hexes

Random title? I know, but I promise it all ties in.

I was hanging out with my brother and some friends and someone commented on how I’m always meeting new people. It’s true, I meet and hang out with someone new every week. I’m just really friendly and put myself out there a lot. It’s such an awesome life because I meet some really cool people. True, some turn out to be duds but you’ll never know unless you try.

My over zealous friend making skills come from my reckless abandonment that I’ve cultivated over the years. I’ve traveled internationally and grown up in a multi-ethnic home. Implications and benefits of travel include:

  • Seeing what you take for granted and appreciating more what you have
  • Breaking down your box and stepping into another breaks down pride and in turn cultivates humility
  • It broadens your perceptive and approach on all aspects of life
  • A greater understanding, appreciation, and general kindness towards people
  • A breakdown of inhibitions

On that note, that breakdown of inhibitions is what leads to discovering and creating some amazing relationships. When you fly to a foreign land with all your possessions on your back, it creates a whole new sense of confidence. So, introducing yourself to random new people is nothing in comparison.

Seeing things outside your box gives you a whole new perspective and priority on life. I was in a store the other day buying a last minute gift. They weren’t that busy but there were a few people in line at customer service and the 2 girls working that area were becoming frantic. Something about retail creates a sense of urgency in employees (I know because I was there at one point). I was apologized to on multiple occassions and I kept reassuring them that waiting a few minutes is no big deal and anybody that can’t spare a few minutes needs a reality check because they’ve gotten too comfortable and thereby a snob.

What can I say? I have a funky view of life. My parents put it in this light. There’s squares and circles, and then a few people who’ve seen the bigger picture and are hex shaped. They really don’t fit in any spot. It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s like the Matrix, I’ve been woken up from a fake alternate reality and I see things for how they really are, but on the down side there aren’t many who see through the same lenses.

When I find those kind of people, it’s so refreshing. One such person I hung out with last week. We had a blast just sitting on the front porch having conversations on life and the philosophy thereof. We totally understood each other and levitated to this conversational euphoria.

To all you hexes out there, you know what I’m talking about. I’d love to hear from you, I’m always looking to meet others who are on the same wave length. Leave a comment below, us hexes need to stick together.

For those of you circles and squares, you have the choice of the red or blue pill. If you take the red, and choose to pursue the life of the hex, there’s no going back. Take the plunge, though, it’s totally worth it. Your life will go from ordinary to extraordinary.

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