Simple Shopping for Singles

Singleness offers offers a lot of freedom and flexibility. That includes when and how you eat. Instead of meal plans like most diets, try portion plans. Assuming you’re wanting to eat healthy, here’s a few tips to help along the way.

  • Calculate you caloric intake
  • Determine your daily food intake
  • Once you know your daily food intake, multiply that by 1-2wk (depending how often you go shopping)
  • Now go out and do your shopping
  • Assuming you’ve cleared out all the junk food out of your house, you can eat anything in your cabinets as much or little as you want within those 1-2wk.

We all are hungrier on some days than others, so why bother sticking to specific meals that are allotted per day.As long as your calorie intake is less or equal (depending on your goals) than your calorie expenditure, then you’ll be ok.

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